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Purchasing a new construction home in Abilene, Texas can seem daunting. There are many builders in Abilene, and they all build homes with different levels of customization, floor plans, and lot sizes. Whether you want the one-of-a-kind home of your dreams, a home with a few custom touches, or a completely pre-designed home, there is a new build option for everyone. You can choose from three build types: Production Homes, Semi-Custom Homes, and Fully Custom Homes. In this post, we'll look at each option and how they'll impact your building experience.

Production Home: Streamlined Efficiency and Affordability

  • Production homes, also known as track or spec homes, are built in large quantities and follow a standardized plan. They usually come on smaller lots and may only offer a specific floor plan and elevation on each lot. Here are a few more distinguishing features of a production build:
    • Cost-Effective: The efficiency of simultaneously building multiple homes allows the builder to lower costs, making track homes a more budget-friendly option.
    • Quick Turnaround: With a predefined design and construction process, track homes are completed faster than custom homes, making them ideal for those with time constraints.
    • Limited Customization: While some production builders may offer a few customization options or upgrades, many have pre-selected all the finishes for the home. Helping the builders keep these homes more affordable. 

Semi-Custom Home: The Middle Ground

Semi-custom homes are perfect for those who want to choose their finishes but only care about customizing some elements of the home. These homes combine the best of both worlds by balancing customization and efficiency. They usually come on larger lots than a track home; you can often pick your lot and the floorplan you want built on it. Here are the key features of a semi-custom build:

    • Pre-Designed Base: Like track homes, semi-custom homes start with pre-designed floor plans, providing an easy starting point for the building process. Semi-Custom Builders will often offer several different floorplans with a few unique front elevations you can choose from.
    • Tailored Options: Homebuyers can choose specific finishes from a list featuring several options. Semi-custom builders often allow you to select your paint color, flooring, exterior finishes (brick, siding, or stucco color), light fixtures, faucets, and shower heads from a
    • Flexibility within Parameters: While there are limitations compared to fully custom builds, semi-custom homes strike a balance, allowing homeowners to put their personal touch on the final product without spending as much time or money as a fully custom home.

Full Custom Home: Crafting the Home of Your Dream

  • A full custom home is tailored to your every whim. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind home, this is the one for you. Custom homes are often built on large lots or land you already own and usually take longer to complete. Here are a few things that define a fully custom home build:
    • Unique Design: Custom homes are unique creations designed from scratch to meet the homeowner's specific preferences and lifestyle.
    • Unlimited Options: You can choose everything from the floorplan to the architectural style to the materials used; the possibilities are only limited by your budget and your builder's abilities.
    • Personalization: Homeowners have the freedom to choose every detail, from the building materials to the door hinges, ensuring that the final product truly reflects their tastes and needs.

The right choice will ultimately depend on your budget, the level of personalization you seek, and your timeline for moving into the home. Whether you desire your home to be a unique masterpiece, a cost-effective and efficient solution, or something in between, understanding the nuances of each type will empower you to make an informed decision on your homeownership journey.

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