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  • 10K for Upgrades

Want to sell your house, but need to make upgrades or updates first?

We'll loan you up to $10,000 interest-free so you get the most value from your home.

Making small updates to flooring, paint, and fixtures could potentially net you thousands more and lower the time it takes to see your home!

How It Works

We’re confident in our ability to sell your home, And we’re willing to put our money on the table to help you sell your home.

You simply pay us back when your home sells or your listing agreement expires!

How to Qualify

  • Must have 15% equity + cost of repairs in your home
  • Interest-free loan is good for 6 months following the date of listing
  • Work must be completed by a Tonya Harbin Team approved contractor
  • Home must be listed within 30 days after work starts by contractors

Get your 10K!

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